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Pfff to New Year’s resolutions and all those cumbersome lists of investment ‘shoulds’. When it comes to your investment goals for 2015, we say, do away with those weighty, mocking resolutions and adopt the power word.

Power word. Yep.

The power word is a far simpler system by which you distil your resolutions down to one word.

The point here is about it being simple and not simplistic.

Every time you think of your power word you will be reminded of your intentions for 2015.

You still need to do the work (the thinking and writing) around what your goals for the year are, but instead of keeping front-of-mind a list of goals, you stand a far greater chance of achieving what you set out to do by constantly checking in with your power word.

You use your word to evaluate your thoughts, decisions and actions; to determine whether you are moving towards or away from the goals that you associate with this word. Finding your Power Word is a matter of exploring what’s important to you. Is it to spend within your means, a savings goal, an investment goal, or paying off more on your mortgage? Is there a recurrent theme in your life you’d like to address?

Use your power word like a mental filter or sieve and with every action, choice or decision you make in 2015 you can ask yourself if it aligns with your power word.
For example, you might choose the word: growth. To those with investment goals – whether your goals are around getting your first property, paying off extra on your loan’s principle, or even beginning the process to renovate – the word growth, kept front-and-centre of your mind can be a powerful guiding force to all the decisions you make throughout the year.

It’s also far more discreet and potent to place little power word reminders around your home and office than lists of goals. Often people feel the need to keep their goals to themselves, but with your power word written on the bathroom mirror, on a post-it in your purse or wallet and in all the other places you visit throughout your day, it reminds you to maintain your commitment to and focus on achieving what you set out to do for 2015.

So, this year, power up your resolutions by taking the time to consider the power word that sums up exactly what it is you plan to do. Scribe the word in all sorts of weird and funny places, then get out there and do it.

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