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Open plan living is in vogue at the moment – but how do you turn a big open space into a cosy interior that’s easy to live in and doesn’t feel like a warehouse?  It’s all about zoning and creating intimate areas without walls.

The best place to start is from the ground up.  Use rugs to define your space and then use furniture to help partition spaces.

Display cabinets, such as the Sovita Curio or Forma, are perfect for this – adding sparkle and zing and the opportunity to showcase your treasures.

Turn your lounge seating in on itself to create a healthy conversation area.  In this way the back of your lounges and chairs help to create the living space.

Mix different styles of furniture to give the zones more personality.  Think a classic contemporary lounge in your  ‘living zone’ combined with a wooden farmhouse table in your ‘dining zone’.

The general rule of thumb with big areas is that you need big furniture, big artworks and big patterns which will help to counter the proportions of the room.

Tuck study spaces out of sight and away from the lounge area with either partitions or plants.  No thinking about work when you are relaxing (and no need to be constantly tidying your messy work area either).

The final trick is to arrange the furniture in such a way as to allow you to meander through the space rather than being able to take a straight path from the front door to the back door.

Avoid meaningless dead zones and make use of all your space by adding plants, lamps and chairs.

Story Source: Nick Scali Reviews

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