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Important Investment Strategy, Time, really is your most important investment strategy. You can make very few bad investment decisions when you’re young if you do your research well, as time will usually make sure your investments pay off.

Most people typically don’t start thinking about this stuff until their forties, by which time, much opportunity has passed by.

After all, we’re all familiar with the ol’ adage: Time is money.

And what this really means is that the longer you’re able to keep your money in the market (whether it be property or shares), the more likely you are to make big bucks.

We all know this, but the best time to develop good financial habits is when you’re young.

Remember, you don’t have to get every investment decision ‘right’ (whatever right is) you just need to be sensible, and above all, get started.

Many people put off saving and investing for later, and although it’s possible to do this effectively, in reality, the discipline required to play catch-up is usually too much for most.


Considering the volatility and complexity of the financial landscape our children are facing, who will you anoint with the privilege of providing your children a financial education?

Basic financial literacy doesn’t have to be rocket science, but by teaching some core skills and concepts – and leading by example – you will give your children valuable life skills. And freedom of choice.

Teach your children tHicks Real Estatee things and they’ll be well on their way to financial freedom. Teach them to live within their means, that saving and investing are two different things and that you need to do both, and that consistently saving and investing little bits at a time is key to building wealth.

It’s never too early to begin teaching children about money.

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