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Owner-occupiers and investors alike often look for the same things when it comes to choosing a property. Amongst many attributes on your list should be access to good transport corridors and residents of Everton Park have got it pretty sweet on that front.

Proximity to transport corridors will influence changes in supply and demand for your property and that’s what drives property prices.

In human-speak; the closer you are to major roads (but not too close) that get you to places like the city fast, the more your property will generally be worth. And Everton Park ticks all the boxes when it comes to offering a quality and varied transport corridor to its residents.

So what exactly is a transport corridor? It sounds like something originally uttered in a bureaucratic meeting (which it quite possibly was) but is simply land that contains transportation like highways, railroads, or canals (we wish, but we’re not in Europe, so let’s stop right there).

Going with the flow

And let’s face it; most of us have places to go and things to do: like going to work and school, which necessitate the use of roads or public transport options. And we prefer to get there as quickly as possible …

Everton Park sits bang-in the middle of the Western Brisbane Transport Network Strategy, a vision to guide all levels of government in developing an integrated transport network that caters for walking, cycling, rail, bus, roads and freight.

Planning and work is well underway on a number of transport improvement projects that will specifically realise benefits for residents of Everton Park as well as for those planning on visiting Everton Park as a retail destination.

So with Government investment in the transport options servicing Everton Park, we anticipate a positive impact in supply and demand of housing. And we all know it is supply and demand that directly influences property prices.

With the Federal Government’s recent decision to increase petrol prices, it seems fair to say that the cost of using your car will increase. Accessibility to public transport just got that little bit more attractive for many.

Just as divided as the North-siders versus the South-siders is the bus versus train folk. For those train folk out there; don’t discount Everton Park. Increasingly service providers are working to improve the connectivity between bus and train services throughout Brisbane: Everton Park included, and depending on where you live, accessible train stations are a short walk, ride or drive away.

That said, the die-hard car users (and there are many for good reasons) will continue to need quality road options to get across and around this lovely city.

So the verdict is this: with major focus on improving Everton Park’s traffic flow in, around and through the area, we think the impact on property prices can only be good.

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