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Whether or not you’ve been to Brisbane recently, you would’ve heard a lot about it in the media, with the G20 Summit, Brisbane International Tennis and even the Lonely Planet’s “Capital of Cool” article that came out in 2014.

While our little river city might not yet have the same reputation as Sydney or Melbourne, there’s a lot more to Brisbane than meets the eye. So much, in fact, that we’re going to go out on a limb and say that rather than visiting Brisbane, you should try living here.

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Being a Brisbanite I might be a little biased about this, but I’m one of a growing number of people and publications who reckon our little city isn’t just a great place to visit, but a great place to live. Maybe even the best in the country.

Sure, Melbourne and Sydney still rank above us in the Monocle Quality of Life Index, but I’m not alone in believing that there are quite a few other reasons why Brisbane is still better.

So in tried-and-tested bulletpoint format, here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t just visit Brisbane, but think about actually living here.

1. You get to experience the weather all year round

The weather might seem like a mundane place to start, but considering the fact that everyone talks about weather all the time anyway, you’d be forgiven for thinking it weighs pretty heavily on people’s minds.
We all know that Brisbane’s climate is much more comfortable than Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns or Canberra, and this is why so many southerners come up to Queensland to holiday and retire. The weather is perfect for outdoor living, whether you’re sitting on your deck in the middle of winter or swimming in your pool 9 months of the year.

2. The culture

Brisbane might have been the cultural underdog to our southern cousins for as long as we can remember, but this is changing – and it’s not just a marketing campaign.
Since the 80s and 90s and much more so in the last few years, Brisbane has blossomed into a cultural centre recognised not only in Australia but throughout the Asia Pacific region. Art, theatre, music and architecture all play a big role, and it’s all done with a unique Brisbane flavour.

Don't visit Brisbane. LIVE in Brisbane!

Living in Brisbane, one might not go out and binge on culture like tourists feel the need to, but what this established scene gives us is access to a huge (and growing) range of local, national and international cultural talent that might otherwise have passed us by – and we still get all the lesser-known attractions that don’t make it to the southern capitals.

3. The dining

To say that Brisbane’s restaurant scene is thriving would be a massive understatement.

Perhaps the best thing about our culinary scene is that there’s still a place for the small, independent and brazenly unique venues, from sake bars to cajun home cooking. There’s a lot of choice in a very small area (not to mention all the gems hidden in the suburbs) and prices aren’t anywhere near what you’d pay down south.

Or if you’re into fine dining, you’ll be pleased to hear that more and more restaurateurs are choosing not to put up with the stiff judgement and competition that are rife in Sydney and Melbourne, instead coming up to Brisbane to forge a place for themselves.

4. The entertainment

Brisbane has long had a reputation for being a breeding ground for some of Australia’s finest musical talent, so if you’re into live music you’re in for a treat, almost every night of the week.
With the local government injecting funding to nurture the city’s established and up-and-coming music scene, the choice of venues and artists has never been better. Both the CBD and Fortitude Valley offer a plethora of options to suit any musical taste, from indie rock to symphony orchestras and world music.

5. The convenience vs. cost of living

I’ll be honest – Brisbane isn’t the cheapest city in Australia to live in, but consider the convenience of living in a smaller city with shorter commutes and travelling distance for your everyday needs.
Infrastructure costs money, but Brisbane’s modern transport and road network give you speed and convenience unlike most other capital cities – and don’t forget that a trip to the Gold or Sunshine Coasts is only an hour in the car rather than a plane ride and hotel room!

6. The property market

We are a real estate company so we couldn’t not mention the property market.

Whether you already have a property up in Southeast Queensland or you’re looking to invest, now is the time. Buying a house within 10km of the CBD will cost you up to 70% less than the Sydney equivalent, and with rental prices and demand staying buoyant, you’ll be able to capitalise on the current low interest rates and make up some equity back.

All in all, Brisbane is still a smaller city that Melbourne or Sydney, but it’s a friendly, vibrant and happy one. The weather’s great, the property options are looking exceptional, and there’s no shortage of culture, dining or entertainment to keep life interesting.

If you have any questions about how to start your move north to Brisbane, give Madeleine and the team a call on (07) 3355 6845.

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