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It is funny how humans are so different from one another yet so similar at the same time.

Take purchasing your first investment property for example. Each of us will have different criteria by which we will make decisions, a different financial structure and a preference of locations.

However, each will experience the emotions of fear and uncertainty.

Leading agent Madeleine Hicks of Hicks Real Estate Everton Park believes that many first time investors can over research or over think their options.

“Some investors do so much research that they in fact scare themselves out of property investment,” said Madeleine.

“Often we can see all the reasons why property investment makes sense yet one article as to why shares out perform property or a bad tenancy story can shelve the property investment for months, sometimes years and on occasions, forever,” explained Madeleine.

“I always recommend that a buyer undertakes research and ensure due diligence when making a decision. The fact is that to the inexperienced too much research can confuse and lead to procrastination,” concluded Madeleine.

Madeleine’s tip for property investment include:

  • Buy your first investment property local – you know the local market.
  • Understand negative gearing
  • Understand taxation benefits
  • Buy something that appeals to tenants
  • Buy peace of mind
  • Brand new property will generally make a great first investment.
  • Make sure you are buying reasonable value property

Madeleine Hicks can be contacted on 0413 733 617 or 3355 6845 for all your property investment needs.

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