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Welcome to the market round up for December 2016. My name is Allie Coutts. I’m going to give you some details of what has been achieved for each of the suburbs within our local area.

I’ll start with McDowall, there were 10 settled sales in McDowall.  The highest of which was $785,000 and that was a market record for Hoskins Cl.  There are currently on the market 26 properties available in McDowall that is a little lower than what we have been seeing recently and we’d expect this number to grow as we move further into January we see a lot more coming onto the market.

In Stafford, the highest price achieved for December was in Rueben St. Which is a pocket a lot of people are paying attention to, and achieved $575,000.  There were 5 settled sales and again that was a little lower than we expect.  34 properties are currently available in Stafford, again a little lower than what we are used to seeing.

In Stafford Heights we had 6 settled sales for December the highest of which was $680,000 in Niven St. which is a bit of a record for that street. There’s a number of properties that are on the market in the higher range in Stafford Heights at the moment, so I think in January we can see some movement there. Only 22 properties are currently available in Stafford Heights.
In Everton Park there was 7 settled sales. The highest was achieved in Holloway Dr, and who would be surprised what a pretty street. And that was $645,000. There are number of units that was selling really well in a mid $400k, and that’s because there’s a lot of new unit development, so that’s quite a lot of activity at the end of the year, still there’s more available in January that we can see a lot more movement in Everton Park. This currently 69 properties available that will lift again in January.

In December it wasn’t surprising that number started to drop off with open homes, but boy have we hit January with a vengeance. Open Homes have been really busy, we’ve had up 70 people just this last Saturday. So clearly we’ve got a new flush of buys coming through. Looking at stock, of which there is not that much. So if you’re considering, wanting to get an idea about where you sit in the market, nows probably a really good time to do it, because I can tell you from experience those buyers are out there and they’re coming through our Open Homes. So if you’d like an appraisal or an update on how your house may sit in the market, even if just for research purposes, we’re your team. Give us a call. My name is Allie, hope to hear from you soon.


Highest Sale Price: – $785,000 Lowest Sale Price: – $500,000
Properties Sold: –  10 Properties on the Market: – 26
Address Bed Bath Car Land Size Sale Price
16 Hoskins Cl 5 3  2 766 $785,000
8 Monroe Pl 5 2 2 601 $781,000
52 Streisand Dr 4 2 3 679 $760,250
40 Van dyke Cres 4 3 2 597 745,000
49 Hackman St 4 2 2 733 $703,000


Highest Sale Price: – $575,000 Lowest Sale Price: – $292,000
Properties Sold: –  5 Properties on the Market: – 34
Address Bed Bath Car Land Size Sale Price
35 Reuben St 3 1 2 539 $575,000
35 Midson St 3 1 607 $474,000
89 Appleby Rd 3 1 1 610 $460,000
8/2-6 Barbarra St 1 1 1 $292,000
36 Barbigal St 4 1 1 630 not disc


Highest Sale Price: – $490,000 Lowest Sale Price: – $480,000
Properties Sold:- 4 Properties on the Market:-  22
Address Bed Bath Car Land Size Sale Price
20 Koolewong St 3 1 2 663 $490,000
162 Appleby Rd 4 2 2 607 $480,000
9 Hepburn St 4 2 2 637 not disc
309 Webster Rd 2 1 2 597 not disc


Highest Sale Price: – $645,000 Lowest Sale Price:- $290,000
Properties Sold:-  7 Properties on the Market:- 69
Address Bed Bath Car Land Size Sale Price
30 Holloway Dr 4 2 2 690 $645,000
27 Nerli St 3 2 2 569 $555,000
8 Lakeen St 3 3 2 164 $525,000
11/62  Rogers Pd 3 2 1 285 $460,000
12/2a White St 2 2 1 126 $340,000

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