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We found this interesting research and think that it points to some positives for Property in the areas that Hicks Real Estate favour.

A recent survey has found that COVID-19 has caused a swing in attitude among Australians that could have long-term effects on the property market.

The survey, conducted by RSL Art Union in December and again in May, looked at what makes a “dream home” for Australians.

The original survey found that more people valued proximity to work or places they regularly visited (14 %), compared with those who wanted to be closer to their family and friends (10%).

When the same survey was held in May, 77% valued proximity to family rather than work.

Covid-19 Changes Attitudes About Where People Want to LiveRSL Art Union General Manager Tracey Bishop says she is not surprised by the finding that Australians had changed their perspective when it came to their dream homes post lockdown.

“I think these unusual times have changed our perspective,” she says. “The results showed a shift away from the preference among our customers to have their dream house near work.”

The Covid-19 lockdown phase has forced many Australians to work from home and some will seek to make this a permanent arrangement.

This is likely to enhance a trend already under way, with more people relocating to lifestyle locations with the intention of working remotely and telecommuting.

What do you think, has the Covid virus changed the type of home that we are now looking for?  Would love to hear your thoughts.

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