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Here at Hicks Real Estate we love Christmas time, and especially finding ways that we can help our community.

For several years now we have supported the Smith Family Toy And Book Appeal.  This is a wonderful example of lots of small gifts making a big difference in the world.

We will be operating as a collection point for gifts that you might like to donate to disadvantaged children.  Gifts will be accepted up till December 2, after which they will all be passed on to the Smith Family for distribution.

If you are able to donate a gift, please bring it down, you will be making a difference in a child’s life this Christmas.

The Smith Family

The Smith Family has a long and proud  association with Christmas.  In 1922, five businessmen were surprised to discover a significant level of poverty on their doorstep.  they decided to take gifts to a  local orphanage on Christmas Eve and were heartened by the joy it bought to the children there.  When the matron asked who they could thank, the first man replied “Smith”.  She then asked “What about the others?” and they replied Smith.  We’re all Smiths.  We’re the Smith Family, and the rest is history.


Madeleine Hicks write to santa

We are running our Write to Santa campaign again.  This is where Hicks Real Estate will be providing a personalised Christmas Card for children from Santa.

If you know of a child that would like a card from Santa, please go here and let us know.


Poverty and disadvantage impact many Australian children and their families.  Never is this more acute than at Christmas time.  Your support means that a parent will share the delight of their child opening a Christmas present on Christmas morning.

Thank you!

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