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At this time of the year, families are often pre-occupied with school holidays, Christmas celebrations and vacations. So it is not a surprise that many buyers decide to hold off purchasing properties and sales start to slow down. However, for the savvy buyer, there can be golden opportunities over Christmas and the New Year.

Brisbane property expert Madeleine Hicks agrees that buying a property in December and January can be advantageous as sellers may wish to wrap up a deal before the end of the year, making them more open to offers, especially if you are looking to move in and settle quickly.

According to Mrs. Hicks, “less buyers means less competition, with buyers generally having additional bargaining power to negotiate themselves a great buy over the summer”.

Keeping in mind that the Christmas period can be a difficult time to organize finance, Madeleine suggests that prospective buyers who are looking for these great buys during the Christmas season could greatly benefit by:

  • Getting pre-approval: having finance approval for a loan and knowing your limit can be a very powerful negotiating chip
  • Selling first, buying last: if you have to sell your house, sell it before selecting a home to buy
  • List of nines: before house hunting, make a list of the nine things that you want and do not want in the new place

Mrs. Hicks said “purchasing your new home is all about being prepared, making sure you have your finances in place and sticking to your budget”.

In December 2014 we saw 69 properties in Brisbane’s 4053 postcode area sold with an additional 85 properties sold in January, 2015.

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