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I meet so many interesting people in my travels as a real estate agent, but this man – Lance Mergard – stuck firmly in my mind. As the founder of ChaplainWatch, Lance was awarded Brisbane Citizen of the Year 2013 by our Lord Mayor.

Read on to his acceptance speech to find out why we are so passionate about helping support the amazing work of this outstanding organisation with our Trivia Night Fundraiser.

All the best,

Madeleine Hicks

2013 Lord Mayor’s Australia Day Awards

Excerpt from Lance Mergard’s acceptance speech.

“…Yet what experience has taught me is that one bad decision can quench the joy of life and thwart the fulfilment of one’s destiny.”

“Come with me onto the streets of this our wonderful city, after midnight, and you will meet a population equal to a large provincial town, equivalent to say Maryborough or Gladstone.  30,000, give or take a few thousand, come with the focus of ‘having a good time’.  Unfortunately for some, their good times turn bad.”

“Alcohol blurred decisions let loose the dogs of war. All too often there is collateral damage—the destruction of their God-given destiny.  One punch can kill. One bad action can destroy a future.”

“Nothing grieves me more than to see one act of stupidity spoil a person’s prospect.  One conviction can stop a person from joining the mines, military, or public service and more distressingly they will never get to see Disneyland.”

“As a citizen of this great city, I have chosen to intentionally intervene.  Helping just one person from doing something so dumb that it will destroy their destiny, is my goal.”

“And I have found many, with similar hearts, who want to stand together as volunteers.  They find passion in their soul and bravery in their spirit to proactively act.  In doing so, we have seen hundreds diverted from potential ruin to continue life’s adventure of finding their true path.”

“Until we as a community come to terms with our collective obsession with alcohol, young lives will continue to be impeded from fulfilling their destinies.”

“Lord Mayor, your award illuminates the theme of citizenship, and as such, one’s responsibility and reason for service, to which I have devoted a large part of my life.”

“I would ask you to accept and to convey to Council, my solemn and heartfelt appreciation for this unique distinction, which will always be proudly remembered by myself, my wife and family and my amazing colleagues with whom I serve in your great city of Brisbane.

To find out more about the great work of ChaplainWatch, visit them here.

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